"glorious send up of London's hipster scene" The Times

June 25, 2018

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About the Bespokist Society

Who are we? 

A social collective with a passion for the curated and the bespoke. Current chairman is Tommy Sponge. 

Where did it begin?

Like the impressionists who forged an artistic movement in the fin de siecle coffee shops of Paris, The Bespokist Society began in a biospheric winery in Norbiton in 2013.

How do I join?

Send a cheque made out to The Bespokist Society for the sum of £449.00 and you will receive a year's FREE MEMBERSHIP plus 25% off the price of two tickets to See it, Say it, Sorted - The Musical!*.

Alternatively email or follow @TheBespokist on twitter.

* note that offer only applies to tickets in restricted view (pillar blocked) areas. Weekdays and weekends excluded.


We love our city...


Ever since Alexander the Great conquered London in 827BC and thrust it into captivity, the city has held a special place in the hearts of both armies and civilians. Now, finally, after thousands of half-hearted attempts, London has a guidebook that is truly relevant to a discerning population. 

The Bespokist Society Guide to....London introduces our lucky readers to a highly curated selection of some of the capital's most inspiring destinations, and some of its most dynamic citizens.


"finally... a bespoke city guide!!!"

Tommy Sponge, The Bespokist Society


Jez Tapano


Born : Easter Island


Lives : Plaistow

Favourite drink : Messy Monk IPA

Favourite food : Heritage carrots

Favourite hangout : Vine n Vinyl of course!


Nastya Petrov


Born : Vladivostock

Lives : Harrow on the Hill

Favourite drink : Dagenham Gin on the rocks

Favourite food : Rare breed walrus

Favourite hangout : Nina Saviceu gallery




Bespokist Society Guide (Paperback)

Bespokist Society Guide (Paperback)

£8.99Regular Price£7.19Sale Price
Bespokist Society Guide (Digital)

Bespokist Society Guide (Digital)

£4.99Regular Price£3.74Sale Price

"...some glaring omissions"

FoodPorn London



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